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Advertiser Hub is a directory of advertiser details and deals which have been imported from iCodes then made available to affiliates for FREE to automate the ever updating promotions on your content websites.


Select the advertiser, enter your affiliate ID, copy the Shortcode (plugin required) or Javascript (no plugin required),  then paste into your website to display the automatically updating deals.

Your affiliate IDs are used 100% of the time on the iCodes imported codes/offers.
Your affiliate IDs are used 50% of the time on User Added Promotions (the other 50% goes to the user who added them)

No need  to rely on emails to copy and paste deals, no need to manually remove deals once expired,  no need to manually tidy the deals, no need to have any technical coding abilities, it’s all done for you automatically.


Encourage your affiliates to use Advertiser Hub by sending them your Advertiser Hub page URL, they paste the required code snippet into their website to keep your ads updated automatically.

Register and you will also have the ability to amend, delete or add extra deals. Any alteration you make will be INSTANTLY reflected on all those affiliates websites, you will see stats of impressions, affiliate IDs and referring urls.

To enable us to import your deals it is essential that you accept us into your affiliate program, we DO NOT make sales via our own IDs, it’s the content affiliates who use this service which make sales using their own IDs.