Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels are now cheaper than ever,  you can get them from about £100 for a 100w panel, this works out to just £1 per Watt!.  The flexible solar panel is much lighter than the rigid glass and aluminium panels you find on the roofs of houses, and so makes much more sense installing them on boats, caravans or motorhomes where the extra weight could be an issue.


Solar Panel Installation

Installation of a solar panel is probably much easier than you think, if you are installing a solar panel from scratch you will also need a solar charge controller, some MC4 extension cables, battery charge leads and a leisure battery.

If you are only planning on having a single 100w solar panel then all you need is a cheap 10amp PVM Solar Charge controller (above) which shouldn’t be any more expensive than £15, if you are planning on a  larger setup then go for a much more expensive but much more efficient 20A+ MPPT Solar Charge Controller (below) which will be over £100.

The MC4 Solar Cables are simply to connect your solar panel to your solar charge controller, so ensure they are long enough to do the job, a pair of 5 meter cables should be sufficient for most installations.

If you haven’t already got a leisure battery then you will need to purchase one of these to store the energy from the solar panel, we recommend you purchase at least two of these leisure batteries. You connect your batteries to your solar charge controller using a pair of battery connection leads. (the shorter the better so not to lose voltage)

If you decide to opt for two leisure batteries then you will need to join them together which a set of battery link cables.